5 Secret and Underutilized Website Traffic Sources | Digital Marketing

Online entrepreneurs are always looking for ways to drive traffic to their websites. There are various sources of traffic, such as organic search traffic, referrals, social media, email marketing, direct traffic and paid traffic. There are also some powerful and underused website traffic sources that not many online marketers know about. This article explores 5 secret and underused sources of website traffic.

News Websites

News websites such as Google news, MSNBC and Yahoo news get millions of visitors each day. A website owner can tap into such massive sources of traffic by using press releases and articles. All he/she has to do is get published on any of the numerous websites that are syndicated by Google news. This can be done by performing a Google News search on relevant keywords and marking the websites that are getting picked up. Then, the site owner can find out if any of them will allow him/her to submit press releases or articles. If this is the case, then the site owner will have found a direct path to getting content into Google news.

High-profile Content Syndication

As most online marketers probably know, one of the best ways of driving highly-targeted traffic to a site is content syndication. However, when most site owners think about content distribution, what comes to mind is submission of articles to article directories. Unfortunately, doing this is becoming less effective as time goes by. The focus of smart marketers is now on something known as high-profile content syndication. There are so many websites that will be glad to make one’s content accessible to thousands of targeted readers. A good example is the Breacher Report, a popular sports website. All of this site’s content is created by the community, offering a great opportunity for huge exposure.

Getting Free Press

Free press is among the best ways for a site owner to spread the word about the site, brand and products. Unfortunately, most online entrepreneurs do not know where to start. It can be done by getting writers and reporters from major publication like the wall street journal to come to a site owner for their information on articles. There is a service known as PR Leads that can connect a website owner with journalists in his/her area of expertise. It is a good publicity bargain that does not involve hiring PR agencies. For a certain monthly fee, PR Leads can connect someone with reporters actively searching for quotes.

Use Trellian

Trellian is an underground tool that can find out exactly where site traffic of competitors is coming from. By using this tool, a site owner will know whether competitors get traffic from paid links, affiliate programs, advertising or articles. Trellian also enables one to find out the search terms that drive most traffic into competitors’ sites during organic searches.

Purchase Existing Sites

It is surprising that few online marketers are buying existing sites. Many webmasters do not seem to realize the full potential of such sites. Marketers like Dylan Bozeman have blogged about how to purchase existing sites with authority and use them to start earning a profit quicker. One can easily purchase an untapped site and rapidly convert it into an automatic lead machine. With a little marketing knowledge, such a site’s potential can be maximized and many subscribers generated per day.